“Love my fithoop, in just over 2wks I’ve lost 5.5cm from waist and 3cm off hips. I can now do half an hour straight. Love it I’m addicted” Narelle, WA

“I love my fithoop! …now that I have a fitter and stronger core area, my friends are catching on to the idea of fithoop. It’s honestly the coolest and most portable workout device.  Such a simple, yet such a clever idea…I’m loving the tiny abs that are emerging.” Maria

“Have been using my 1.2 kg fithoop for a couple of months now and after just 4 weeks and 15 minutes a day my love handles are gone. Now I use my hoop for at least 30 minutes a day and just love it…I have worked in the fitness industry for 5 years and have never seen any piece of gym equiptment work this fast with so little effort. This will be the best $60 you will ever spend.” Lynne, WA

“Am loving my 1.2kg hoop, received mine before xmas and have started gradually…I have already started noticing results. Would highly recommend to others to include with other exercise routines and any age. I am a 56yr old and young at heart!” Jen, WA


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