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Results with the fithoop:

  • Great cardio workout – burns calories
  • Tones and shapes your abs and waist
  • Strengthens muscles in your core and back
  • Improves balance, posture and flexibility

Burn up to 70-100 calories in 10 minutes!

A recent study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) revealed that working out with a weighted hula hoop burns about as many calories per minute as step aerobics, boot camp, or very brisk walking! Read the full research report here.

Lose weight with the fithoop!

Achieving weight loss through hula hooping has been proven over the recent years with such stories such as Jen Moore in America, who lost over 50kg from hula hooping.

fithoop users have seen results in as little as 1-4 weeks:

I’ve been using my 1.5 kg fithoop for 10 mins a day and now after 4 weeks I’ve reduced my waistline by 6 cm. It’s an easy and simple way without much effort, so I can definitely recommend anyone looking for a slimmer waist and stabilization of the back and stomach muscles to use a fithoop”
Marianne, Perth

I love my fithoop! My girlfriends and i do workouts in one of the gorgeous parks and using the fithoop is amazing. Now that i have a fitter and stronger core area, my friends are catching on to the idea of fithoop. Its honestly the coolest and most portable workout device. Such a simple, yet such a clever idea. I may not look like a bodybuilder, but im loving the tiny abs that are emerging.”

Get it here for only $45