2012s hottest fitness trends

Cleo magazine just named hula hooping as one of 2012’s hottest fitness trends!

Donna Aston, personal trainer and managing director of Aston Fitness in Melbourne told Cleo “The great thing about hula hooping is that it doesn’t feel like exercise. If you enjoy a form of activity, you’re more likely to stick with it. It requires concentration on technique and it’s almost impossible not to smile, both of which create great stress relief.”

So true!

The buzz about weighted hula hoops is growing:

“Forget the toy hula hoops, and pick up a weighted hula hoop to melt up to 600 calories each hour while toning the body and polishing posture” Woman’s Day

“Get killer abs and obliques…don’t go pinching the kids’ hoops, though; grown-ups need proper weighted versions” Sunday Mail Body & Soul

“It’s like an old school hula hoop but it’s weighted …it’s fun and easy so it doesn’t feel like a chore like most exercise” Cosmopolitan UK